W2K administration tip

W2K administration tip

October 1, 2000

Christopher Rice

Setting up your laptop for mobile use


    I was writing a course this weekend for the Professional review for test 70-210 (I think) and came across something interesting.

    If you are interested in setting up Power Options on your laptop, which you would do by selecting Power Options in the Control Panel, you have to keep a couple of things in mind. 

    First, do you need this PC to save energy or battery life (the answer to this is yes, I assure you)?

    Second, what type of setup do I want to come up with that will save energy but also not impede my work?

    Do I need a special setup because I have needs for battery life on my laptop?

    Can I change these settings on the fly?


    The important thing to note is that, after deciding what you want to do, if you have APM (Advanced Power Management) support on your machine, you have to enable it prior to getting the full capabilities out of standby or hibernate.  This simply requires that you select the Enable check box on the tab for APM under your Power Options.

    Also, you can manually put your machine into standby or hibernate by clicking on the Shut Down selection of the start button and dropping down to hibernate or standby.

    Hope this helps.  If you have any other tips like these, send them to me and I'll publish them.