Microsoft Gives Their Own Top Ten

Microsoft Gives Their Own Top Ten

September 1, 2000

Christopher Rice

Microsoft reveals a list of their top ten reasons for you, the consumer, to upgrade to Windows 2000 Professional.


    If you are thinking about moving to Windows 2000 and are running into question from above:

    -- Why can't we stay with NT?

    -- Why should I pay all that extra money when we just got 98 working in our environment?


    Well, Microsoft would like to help you answer some of those questions.  They have published a list of ten reasons that will help you justify upgrading in your environment.

    Follow this link to the whole article:


    You know what I thought as funny, that Security was only ranked number six.  I would think that, in today's world of hackers and viruses, that this would be closer to number one.

    The number one reason was "Value".  You know that a Salesman wrote this one...