Windows 2000 Support Web Casts by Microsoft

Windows 2000 Support Web Casts by Microsoft

September 1, 2000

Christopher Rice

    I was just taking a breeze through the knowledge base on Microsoft's site when I came across a series of Web Casts that have been placed out there for your downloading and viewing pleasure.

    These are support based explanatory presentations given over the web by some of Microsoft's best employees.  

    I have to admit this blew my mind.  

    I even found a four part piece on the Active Directory.  The following are the links to it:


    There are presentations on a slew of topics, some of the following are actual titles:

    Support WebCast: Windows 2000 and Systems Management Server 2.0 Integration

   Support WebCast: Migrating to Windows 2000

   Support WebCast: Windows 2000: Group Policy

   There are many more that can help you and your organization as you move forward to Windows 2000.