Network Adapters Causing Registry Errors

Network Adapters Causing Registry Errors

June 7, 2000

Christopher Rice

   We have all run into situations where we think that we have removed some software or something from a system only to find that we have left "footprints" 27 hives deep in the registry where we will never, ever find them.  These "footprints" will pop up for the remainder of the life of this system, though, and haunt us like a bad dream.

    One example of this is removing network adapters from the Control Panel.

    If you remove a network adapter, but later receive the error:

    "Component configuration option value missing in registry."

    you know that you have left some of those famous footprints.

In the Q article 147797, they explain this is a method of cleaning:


  1. Start Registry Editor (REGEDT32.EXE) and locate the following Registry subkeys in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE subtree:



    \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\<Directory Specifying Manufacturer>


    where <number> is the number of any network adapter that appears in the Installed Adapter Cards section in Control Panel Network.

  2. Manually remove all subkeys pertaining to the network adapter.

  3. Quit Registry Editor.

  4. Shut down and restart Windows NT.

    Keep in mind that you should run through all registry work in a test environment prior to any production level release.