Administrator Poll Results: Microsoft and SMS Inquiries

Administrator Poll Results: Microsoft and SMS Inquiries

May 1, 2000

Christopher Rice

    First off, I want to thank all of you who responded to me when I put these polls out.  It is very important not to get closed into one's own opinions as "the truth".

    The Microsoft poll produced the responses that I had expected.

    About 90% of the people that responded felt that nothing would really happen to Microsoft, they would wrap the courts up in appeals and more lawsuits for the next ten years.  Eventually, they will receive a slap on the wrist, but it won't be the company breakdown that the world is looking for.

    A few people did feel, however, that the government would break them into two separate, competing companies.  The logic being that this would allow for more smaller companies to stand a chance in the market.

    Personally, I agree with the first of these opinions.  Microsoft is the most powerful company the world has ever seen.  They help fuel our economy.  I don't think that they will be broken up.  Watch, now they will and I will have to eat my words.


    The second poll was an SMS opinion poll.  The response to this was not quite so strong (probably because this is not an SMS column).  

    The current version in the field is pretty much split, with the 2.0 folks waiting anxiously for the official release of SP2.  

    It seems that the most popular complaint about SMS was the Remote control function (which I agree with).  I am confused as to why Microsoft has not improved on this feature as most companies are forced to by a PCAnywhere or Remote Desktop to make up for this lack of reliability.  

    Most people did have a few good things to say about the product, pointing out that they likes the bug fixes in 2.0 and that they liked the new MMC feature.  They also like the asset management feature and the software deployment is improved with 2.0.

   Personally, I think that SMS 2.0 has a few bugs that I am looking to get fixed in the new Service Pack, I am having troubles with duplication of records and my own effort.  I will also look for some stronger method of dealing with duplicate machines in the DB

   The main problem right now is that 2.0 is having problems with W2K.  This is supposed to be cured by SP2.  The Beta program for SP2 is now closed, so you can keep your eyes and ears open for the public release.