Upgrading NTFS for Windows 2000 (you don't have a choice)

Upgrading NTFS for Windows 2000 (you don't have a choice)

April 1, 2000

Christopher Rice

   I was recently building a test server for SMS 2.0 and SQL 7 for upgrading and came across this little tidbit:

   When you upgrade from NT 4 (SP4 or higher of course) your NTFS file systems will be upgraded.  Like death and taxes, this is an inevitability. 

This is not all bad , as of course it seems.  The new version of NTFS will offer you bonuses that the old did not.  The new version offers capabilities such as: 

  • disk quotas

  • encrypted files

  • journaling

  • other W2K necessary features

    This upgrade actually happens upon restart of your PC, and is controlled not by the OS upgrade, but by the NTFS driver itself.  This is a mandatory service, so don't think that you will be able to power off a volume during start up and avoid this upgrade, it will happen automatically when your drives are mounted.

    An important note is that this also applies to an removable drives that have been formatted with NTFS.  If they are connected at time of first reboot, they will be upgrade, otherwise, they will be upgraded the next time you connect them.

   I realized all of this while upgrading my server.  Next thing I knew, I got a few unrelated errors with the mmc.exe.  I think I may have a bad install disk for the SQL server.  When I decided that this was not a problem I wanted to troubleshoot, I tried to downgrade the server from 2000 to NT 4, that is a topic for a whole other article.  Let's just say it did not go smoothly.

Anyway, wishing you all the best with those installs and upgrades.

P.S. - Keep the feedback coming and let me know how you are all liking the new OS.  Tell me the stories of your triumphs and your follies, I'll try to work some of them into a user feedback article.