IE 6 and its Components

IE 6 and its Components

November 14, 2001

Christopher Rice

If you have been in this field for a substantial amount of time, you know that IE installs are second only to Service Packs for Operating Systems as far as level of difficulty goes.

That's because there are a lot of similarities between SP and IE deployments...

Ever wonder what the components are that IE 6 loads on your computer? Well, it differs based on Operating System. There is a KB article that lists them all for you:

It lists out the components for all of the OLD OS offerings and then starts to get a little ambiguous.

Windows 2000 does not give you the option of selecting all of the components, so you get the kitchen sink.

XP comes with IE 6, but you can reinstall to customize the setup. If you are going to go this route, please take a look at the following KB article:

Also, keep in mind all of the headaches that are available with the IEAK 6.0.

Anyway, this is one of the most useful KB articles that I have come across for sheer volume of information on all IE 6 stuff.

It has links to other KB articles on the bottom that also might prove useful in your research.

Good luck with this new version and please send me stories from the distribution front lines. Is the IE thing getting easier or what?