Questions About Office XP?

Questions About Office XP?

August 13, 2001

Christopher Rice

Here is a Demo to Provide Answers


    Do you have looming questions about whether or not you and your company should move from Office 2K to XP?  Do you want to know what the new features are that mandate such a large investment (both monetarily and time wise)?

    Microsoft is touting this version as "the smarter work eXPerience".  They are always hooked on that word....

    Well, Microsoft has thought of that and has prepared a Demo to watch that will provide some of the answers.


    They describe the demo as:

    See Office XP come to life in this interactive demo. Discover how new features like smart tags simplify productivity, enable effective collaboration, and take Office beyond the desktop.

    I watched this demo and, although it has a little too much of a sales/marketing angle for me, it will provide the needed juice for the folks that sign the checks.  

    Anyway, you will need Flash to view it, and it does have sound (although you can turn it off).    

   Let me know what you think,