MUST HAVE MANUAL: Admin911 SMS Survival Guide

MUST HAVE MANUAL: Admin911 SMS Survival Guide

August 13, 2001

Christopher Rice

    Shortly after I wrote my earlier review on SMS Manuals that I had read up to that point, I received an e-mail from a name that most of you are familiar with, Rod Trent.  Rod has graced the SMS world with some of the most intuitive and productive columns that we could have asked for, and his book follows closely in the work ethic and attention to detail that we have come to expect from him.

    He asked if I'd mind taking a read over his book and giving him my honest opinion.  Well, here it is....Great Book.  This book had me checking and double checking my own environment; it gave me new insight that the classic regurgitation manuals most often leave out.

    The contents of the book walk the administrator through the natural course of the SMS experience. 

    Chapter 1:  Site Installation - Steps you through the installation and also offers insight into thinking out of the box and anticipating possible errors.  Also gives you "Installation Gotchas" that are very helpful.

    Chapter 2: Client Config, Install, and Discovery - This is usually the biggest pain in the rear, but the information contained within this chapter will keep you from wanting to reach for your hemorrhoids medication...

    Chapter 3:  Hardware Inventory - Not only what it is but how to use it....

    Chapter 4:  Software Inventory....

    And it goes on in similar fashion.  You get my drift.

    Anyway, another great thing that Rod does is not distract the reader with needless filler.  Some books that I have read that are 1,000 pages could have easily been cleaned up and edited down to 500 concise pages.  This one does not give me graphs that I don't care about or stories from the front about SMS 1.2; it just gives me what I need, when I need it.

    I am making an addendum to my original statement and claiming that this is the "must have" manual for SMS 2.0 administrators.

    Thanks Rod for giving me the opportunity to read your book.