Service Pack 3 for SMS 2.0

Service Pack 3 for SMS 2.0

August 7, 2001

Christopher Rice

    The time has come to go back to your SMS server for another round of fun and excitement, upgrade time.  Well, many of the little bugs that we found with SP2 are said to have been addressed with SP3.  I have not set up a time to upgrade my lab server, but am not looking forward to it.

    Anyway, here is a little important information for you when you start to think about upgrading:


SMS 2.0 SP3 Setup supports the following:

  • A primary site upgrade from an existing SMS 2.0 SP2 primary site only
  • A new secondary site installation without requiring a previously installed secondary site installation
  • A secondary site upgrade from an existing SMS 2.0 SP2 secondary site only
  • An SMS Administrator console installation only without an existing SMS installation
  • An SMS Administrator console upgrade from an existing SMS 2.0 SP2 Administrator console only
  • Removing SMS 2.0 SP3
  • Modifying or resetting an SMS 2.0 SP3 site
  • Modifying an SMS 2.0 SP3 Administrator console


And, more importantly:


SMS 2.0 SP3 Setup does not allow:

  • A primary site installation without an existing SMS 2.0 SP2 primary site.
  • Adding optional components to an SMS 2.0 SP2 site or an SMS Administrator console.


I am looking into whether or not I should jump right into this one or wait to see what the issues are.

Have any of you upgraded?

Here is a link to the Microsoft site for SP3:


From here you will be able to connect to a download site.


Let me know how these upgrades are going.