'How To' Series (Part 11): Changing File Associations

'How To' Series (Part 11): Changing File Associations

February 13, 2002

Christopher Rice

          Some programs automatically set your PC to use them when opening specific file types.  This can become annoying after some time if it's not the method you want to use.  

          If you install the Visual Studio, you will see this happen a lot.

          It is easy enough to change the default program associated with files.

          First, go to the Folder Options in the Control Panel or go to Tools/Folder Options through your Windows Explorer.  They will both bring up the following screen:

          Go to the File Types tab and you will get the following screen:

          To change the association, highlight the file type that you want to effect and click the "Change" button on the lower right of the pop up.  You will get the following (this should look familiar):

          From here, feel free to change the association.

          I know this seems trivial, but most PC knowledge is.