'How To' Series (Part 12): Edit your Outlook Options

'How To' Series (Part 12): Edit your Outlook Options

March 20, 2002

Christopher Rice

          If you are a "desktop support" person, you no doubt have been asked to set up someone elses e-mail settings.  If you haven't, don't worry, you will.  

          The following will walk you through making some minor changes to the look and feel of an Outlook setup.

          First, you will need to open Outlook on your user's desktop.  This is done by going to Tools\Options.  You will get the following pop-up:

          My experience with this pane is that the most important thing is the "E-mail Options".  When you click this toggle, you will see the following:

          This is basically the place where you set your standards.  Here you set all of your defaults for the activity of your Inbox.  This is also where you turn off the stupid notification sound that everyone hates.

          The contacts tab is also one that you might have to edit for someone in your company.  When you click that one, you get the following:

          Depending on what type of company you work for, the contact list might be a critical piece of the application.

          The Mail Format pane is one that you will likely have to work on. Here you will edit the Signature, which most people want to put on e-mails.  Click it and you will see:

           Click on the Signature Picker to edit or add signatures:

          Another important pane if you are going to be configuring the settings for executives and their secretaries is the Delegates:

          This is where you will add people to delegate your mail and calendar.