Installing MOM, What You Need To Know

Installing MOM, What You Need To Know

April 30, 2002

Christopher Rice

Pre-req's and Pointers


          I am testing with the new Microsoft Operations Manager.  The hardest thing to do thus far has been the actual install of the product.  Here were some of the steps (forward and back) that I went through.  Hopefully, you will not make the same mistakes that I did.

1.  I started with a W2K Adv Server.  I tried to install but was first prompted for SP2.

2.  Load SP2, restart install.  Prompted for SQL 2K.  It also took two tries to find my DC.

3.  Load SQL 2K, then SQL 2000 SP1 (being proactive), restart install.  Prompted for Access components.

4.  Get the O2K CD and install only Access, restart install.  Prompted for other Office components.

5.  Got the CD (again) and did a "repair" of O2K.  Loaded all of the defaults this time.  Restarted the install. 

6.  Prompted to stop a boatload of services (including the SQL services which it made me install).

7.  Waited about 30 minutes for the install to complete.

8.  Rebooted for safety (not prompted to, just wanted to make sure that all of my services were starting back up correctly).

          Despite the installation frustration, once I was finally able to get this thing installed, it turned out to be pretty nice.  Here is what you can expect to see from the MMC once you start it from the Start\Programs\Microsoft Operations Manager\Manager Console:

Let me know if you have had any similar install or setup issues.