SQL 2002? Yukon on the horizon...

SQL 2002? Yukon on the horizon...

May 15, 2002

Christopher Rice

          No, this is not the Chevy Yukon that I am talking about; it is the next version of SQL server from Microsoft.  It is also the newest code name from Microsoft in a slew of recent ones that carry so much flair....

          For more info on SQL in general, check out the MSFT site:


          "Yukon" is supposed to focus more on the developer and will offer the ability to write Triggers and procedures in 23 languages.  It is being built on the .NET framework (of course, what isn't these days?)

           A beta release should be available by the end of this year, and it should be GA by early next year.

          If you have any additional info on Yukon, drop me a line.