Ensim Serves Up Its Virtual Server a la Carte

Ensim Serves Up Its Virtual Server a la Carte

January 30, 2003

Ensim Corp. this week added an a-la-carte solution to its virtual server menu.

Ensim Virtual Private Server (VPS) is now available as a stand-alone option that can be purchased separate from ServerXchange, Ensim's software distribution and server management suite.

Up until now, potential customers had to purchase the server management software, control panel software, and virtual servers in a single bundle.

By offering Ensim VPS as a stand-alone solution with a low entry price, Ensim hopes to further expand its reach in the hosting space. It believes the solution will appeal to companies that do not need the capabilities ServerXchange and WEBppliance offer, Steve Dauber, vice president of marketing for Ensim told ServerWatch.

Ensim VPS virtualizes a server's native operating system and partitions it into isolated computing environments capable of operating independently of each other, with each functioning essentially like a dedicated server. From an operating system perspective, an Ensim VPS appears to be an application; to applications, it is indistinguishable from the native operating system.

The vendor believes that this structure makes Ensim VPS particularly attractive to hosting providers and thus has made them its target market, Dauber said. According to Dauber, Ensim claims 10,000 customers worldwide and counts many large-scale hosting providers among its customer base.

Dauber notes that the Ensim VPS is similar to the virtual servers sold by VMWare and SWsoft. Products from all three vendors start with a dedicated server and divide it into several virtual servers. Where the companies differ is the spaces in which they compete. VMWare and SWsoft are focussed on the enterprise space, whereas Ensim targets hosting providers. Specs for the virtual servers are designed accordingly.

The other components of Ensim ServerXchange can also now be purchased separately. Ensim Server Manager streamlines and automates software distribution and server monitoring for Linux and Windows. Ensim WEBppliance is control panel software to centrally control and automate the most common hosting tasks. It is also available for Linux and Windows.

Ensim VPS is available only for Linux at this time. It is being sold on a monthly per-VPS basis.