HP Announces StorageWorks Rapid Restore for Lotus Domino

HP Announces StorageWorks Rapid Restore for Lotus Domino

January 29, 2003

This week at Lotusphere Hewlett-Packard unveiled HP StorageWorks Rapid Restore for Lotus Domino, an offering containing a variety of storage, servers, imaging, and printing capabilities to support Lotus Domino customers' mail solutions.

HP StorageWorks Rapid Restore for Lotus Domino lays claim to being able to provide virtually instantaneous data restoration that allows enterprises to recover from downtime within minutes.

Rapid Restore can support environments with up to 10,000 users. Internal testing found recovery time ranging from 11 seconds to 15 minutes with the solution compared to up to six hours.

Rapid Restore brings systems back to operational mode without using application server resources, and when used with HP OpenView Storage Management Appliance software v2, users can automate the task scheduling of backup activity.

Rapid Restore is also optimized for the Enterprise Virtual Array and offers backup support for Veritas Backup Exec.

To showcase this and other Lotus Domino solutions, HP identified two key technologies it believes are ideal for enterprises deploying a Lotus Domino solution: its recently announced two- and four-processor blade servers (the HP ProLiant BL20p and BL40p), and the HP Mobile Enterprise Printing solution.

"HP's blade servers are capable of supporting very large Domino installations and provide a seamless path for customers looking for a powerful, cost-effective consolidation strategy. Mail and messaging systems require proven, integrated data protection solutions like Rapid Restore for Lotus Domino. When combined with HP printing solutions, these offerings make HP the clear choice for extending and supporting Domino environments," Ron Eller, vice president, Solutions, HP Industry Standard Servers, said.

According to HP, a recent survey of Domino users found that about half of its enterprise customers were actively considering consolidating their Domino installations. Based on these findings, HP believes its high-density blade servers and adaptive infrastructure capabilities are well-suited for this potential sweet spot. Also supporting the vendor's theory is the fact that the new HP ProLiant BL40p blade server is optimally designed for large Domino enterprise messaging environments that require maximum computing power and high-availability features.

The HP Mobile Enterprise Printing solution offers support for the mobile workplace, including servers and a wireless printing solution specific to the limited display and storage capabilities of handhelds providing access to attachments without downloading.

"HP's latest Domino offerings underscore our commitment to industry-standard servers running Domino," said Eller summarized.