Technology Advancement Group Unveils Rugged 2U Server for U.S. Military

Technology Advancement Group Unveils Rugged 2U Server for U.S. Military

January 15, 2003

Technology Advancement Group (TAG), a hardware vendor specialized in supporting U.S. military and civilian government agencies, this week announced a new server in its 2000 Series that is designed for use by the U.S. military in extreme environmental conditions.

The 2U (3.5") rugged, rack-mount servers will be available with single or dual Pentium Xeon processors when it begins shipping in February. The 2000 Series has been designed to meet various stringent MIL standards including sand/dust, shock/vibration, and temperature.

The new server features standardized hard drive carriers and receivers to enable interchangeability between all TAG servers and RAIDs. TAG believes this will result in easier maintenance and reduce the need to carry varying sparing kits.

The servers aim to provide even greater product durability, reliability, and performance when deployed in naval vessels, military command shelters, and remote reconnaissance posts.

"Our mission includes providing maximum value to our customers, which entails listening to their needs and delivering innovations that work for them. We've responded with a product that is stronger, faster, and even easier to use and maintain than ever before," said TAG COO Jim McEwan. "We intend to continue our tradition of developing IT solutions that help our military when and where they need it most."

TAG is a veteran-owned business with nearly 20 of experience supporting the U.S. military and civilian government agencies. The company claims specialized capabilities for manufacturing of rugged COTS computer systems, information assurance and security, professional services, and networking and telecommunications. TAG is headquartered in Dulles, VA and has a sales office in San Diego, Calif. It is privately held.