Microsoft, IBM Partner to Develop Outlook Connector for Domino

Microsoft, IBM Partner to Develop Outlook Connector for Domino

December 26, 2002

Microsoft recently unveiled Microsoft Outlook 2002 Connector, a software module it developed with IBM to enable Outlook 2002 to be used with version 5 of IBM's Lotus Domino Server.

This is the first Microsoft-developed connector for Outlook and Lotus Domino.

The Connector is a software add-on that offers IBM Lotus Domino Release 5 messaging server users the option of using the Outlook 2002 messaging and collaboration client as an e-mail client application.

Microsoft notes that in a corporate setting, Outlook is primarily designed to run with a Microsoft Exchange server. The Connector aims to broaden the playing field by offering enterprises with a Domino e-mail infrastructure or a mixed infrastructure of Lotus and Exchange servers the functionality of Outlook and, with that, greater integration with Office.

The Connector enables users to conduct the more common e-mail, calendar, and contact management functions through Outlook while remaining in a Lotus Domino environment. Employees at companies with Lotus Domino servers can use either Lotus Notes or Outlook 2002 as their e-mail client.

"Many of our customers with Domino servers have told us they would like to give their employees the opportunity to use the latest version of Outlook," said Ralf Harteneck, corporate vice president of the Communication and Meeting Services Group at Microsoft.

"The Outlook 2002 Connector is a great example of industry cooperation responding to diverse customer needs," added Ken Bisconti, vice president of Messaging Solutions for Lotus Software at IBM. "We are pleased to contribute to the Microsoft Outlook 2002 Connector. It really gives companies great flexibility to meet their messaging needs."

Enterprises with an Outlook 2002 license can use the Connector, which is a free add-in to Outlook 2002. It is available immediately from the Office Resource Kit site. Microsoft plans to release the kit in eight major languages.