Intel Adds to Xeon Options, Block by Block

Intel Adds to Xeon Options, Block by Block

December 16, 2002

Intel Monday unveiled 11 new Xeon-based server "building block" products.

The five server boards, two server chassis, three RAID controllers, and server platform are based on the recently unveiled Intel Xeon processor with 533 MHz front-side bus and the E7501 and E7505 chipsets.

Like Intel's other building block offerings, they will be sold only to OEM system builders and product integrators.

"We are announcing a complete lineup of server platforms available in lock step with our new processor and chipsets -- and are one the first companies with the next generation of 533 boards," Philip Brace, director of marketing for Intel's Enterprise Platforms and Services Division said.

The five server board products are for Intel's new dual-processor (DP) Xeon-based server platforms, the SRSH4 and SPSH4. The vendor is describing the server platforms as an architectural upgrade of the current platform. They also support the quad Intel MP Xeon processors.

The Intel Server Board SE7501WV2, Intel Server Board SE7501HG2, Intel Server Board SE7501BR2, and the Intel Server Board SE7501CW2 all come with the 533 MHz front-side bus and the Intel 7501 chipset. The Intel Server Board SE7505VB2, which is also for DP Xeon with 533 MHz, is designed with the 7505 chipset, and is being positioned at both servers and workstations.

Intel also introduced the SC5250-E chassis, a pedestal chassis aimed at the small business server or workstation market. The chassis includes features such as shorter depth and flexible storage options (fixed drives, hotswap SCSI, or Serial ATA support). It supports the VB2, BR2, and CW2 server boards and is being touted as a "value optimized" option.

The SC5200 chassis in contrast is available in both 5U and pedestal form factors. It is designed for high volume and and high performance, and supports the HG2, the BR2, the CW2, and VB2 server boards.

The chassis and the server boards offer the latest technologies, such as Ultra320 SCSI with embedded RAID 0/1, Intel PRO/1000 Gigabit server connections, and embedded full-featured Intel Server Management version 5.5, which allows the server to be managed remotely.

Finally, Intel unveiled three new RAID controllers: the Intel RAID Controller SRCU 42L, the Intel RAID Controller SRCS14L, and the Intel RAID Controller SRCZCR. The RAID controllers are based around the Intel 80303 I/O processor and support Ultra320 SCSI and Serial ATA. All three come in a low-profile PCI form factor.

Brace told ServerWatch that all of the components will be shipping in volume within 60 days.