Corel Introduces Corel XMetaL-Central

Corel Introduces Corel XMetaL-Central

November 4, 2002

Corel Corp. announced the upcoming availability of Corel XMetaL-Central, a server-based application that works with Corel XMetaL to manage and maintain customized XML applications.

According to the Corel, creating documents in XML offers organizations tremendous flexibility and efficiencies for reusing content for Web, mobile, and professional print publishing. IT professionals manage this process and roll out customized XML-creation environments for every department and individual within their organization. As part of this process, IT departments must efficiently manage a variety of XML-related files and customization including, document type declarations (DTD), style sheets (CSS), XSLT, macro files, and virtually any other type of XML file.

"Using an XML editor like XMetaL for document creation delivers huge benefits," said Bruce Sharpe, executive vice president of XML content solutions at Corel Corporation. "By enabling XML-based, single source publishing, a company or government department can rapidly deploy information to a variety of media. IT professionals are responsible for customizing the tools that power this solution. The full benefits of XML are realized when IT departments are able to quickly and easily provide end users with custom environments. By simplifying the process of managing XML, we've made XML document authoring even easier to implement."

"Tools that simplify the process of XML application management will further drive the adoption of XML for content creation," said Susan Funke, a research manager with IDC. "Corel XMetaL-Central provides IT professionals with additional resources to automate the maintenance of their custom XML environments."

Corel XMetaL-Central is designed for organizations with tens to thousands of XML document creators and editors. When used in conjunction with Corel XMetaL, the company claims Corel XMetaL-Central can deploy personalized customization or "packages" to these end users based on their identity, the content they are working with, and environmental factors. Invisible to the end user, these packages can be versioned, rolled back, or staged for future deployment.

Corel XMetaL-Central provides various features for deploying a new XMetaL application to small or large groups of users, adding new functionality to an existing deployment, and updating elements in an existing XMetaL deployment.

These features and functionality include:

  • Browser-based interface to manage XMetaL-Central server objects (including user profiles, customization and associated relationships, and server operations)
  • IT-defined rules for matching packages with documents and users
  • Integration with third-party workflow through adaptor objects
  • Versioning of packages for controlled deployments
  • Use of the enterprise network login mechanism to access services
  • Off-line Corel XMetaL authoring mode
  • Server support for Solaris 9, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows XP Professional.