BEA and Sun to Deliver Web-Based Training

BEA and Sun to Deliver Web-Based Training

October 31, 2002

BEA Systems and Sun Microsystems agreed to broaden their global relationship and offer new learning solutions to customers. Under the new agreement, the two companies will provide Web-based training on Solaris, and the BEA WebLogic Workshop development environment, as well as on Java technologies, XML, and Linux.

The new BEA WebLogic Workshop offering is designed to help enterprises accelerate development of the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Platform, maximize employee productivity, and lower total cost of ownership on BEA technology investments. Customers also have access to training on other network computing technologies, such as the Java platform.

Under the agreement, Sun plans to deliver the new learning solutions through the Sun Web Learning Center, Sun's e-learning portal. BEA and Sun plan to offer courses that customers can take at their own pace through Web browsers.

"The Web-based training approach gives customers and developers a convenient and cost-effective training solution to successfully deploy enterprise Web services," said Lynn Vojvodich, vice president, Education Services, BEA Systems. "This global initiative provides an opportunity for BEA to offer its customers training on core technologies such as the Java platform, the Solaris Operating Environment and Linux -- and for Sun and BEA to provide IT professionals with training from the source on BEA WebLogic Workshop."