Sun Fortifies Mainframe Rehosting Solution

Sun Fortifies Mainframe Rehosting Solution

October 30, 2002

Sun Microsystems this week announced upgrades to its mainframe rehosting software, Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing Software 8.0 (SunMTP 8.0) and Sun Mainframe Batch Manager Software 10.0 (SunMBM 10.0).

These enhancements are designed to offer enterprises cost savings, tighter security, and greater functionality when migrating legacy applications from a mainframe to Sun servers running Solaris.

According to Sun, its SunMTP and the SunMBM software mainframe rehosting solutions enable enterprises to run existing mainframe CICS, COBOL, and batch applications -- commonly found in commercial banking and insurance, manufacturing, retail, and government -- virtually unmodified but in a contemporary computing environment.

Sun claims the following improvements with its SunMTP 8.0 and SunMBM 10.0 software:

  • Mainframe-like security without mainframe costs
  • Higher levels of availability enabled by Sun Cluster 3.0 capabilities
  • Enhanced interoperability between business-critical Java-based applications and legacy programs
  • Flexibility to administer the system from virtually anywhere on the network