SMS Installer Include Script Command

SMS Installer Include Script Command

January 21, 2002

by Dana Daugherty

Do you have a piece of SMS Installer code that you use repeatedly within the same script or within multiple scripts? Why not use the include script command to avoid redundant programming?

The include script command allows you to call a .ipf script file from any location. The .ipf will be compiled when the primary script is compiled.

Here's an example:

Primary Script: Visio2002.ipf. It is a wrapper that calls the Visio 2002 MSI package. Distributing any MSI packages with SMS the client must have a drive mapped to <packageID> directory located on the SMSPkg<drive>$ share or run it from the <packageID> directory using a UNC path. Otherwise it may fail (see Figure 1).



Secondary Script: Uncpath.ipf. It provides the SMS Installer code to read the assigned site code from the registry of the client and then run the MSI installation from the SMS package share the local site (see Figure 2).