Use CyberCreek's Grep 98 to Troubleshoot SMS Logs

Use CyberCreek's Grep 98 to Troubleshoot SMS Logs

August 21, 2001

by Dana Daugherty

Searching through SMS logs to track a problem can be a maddening endeavor. Thankfully, tools like CyberCreek's Grep 98 exist and are guaranteed to make your life easier when it comes to troubleshooting SMS logs! Thanks to Ed Aldrich for turning me on to this tool!

Whether you're referring to a client or a server, each SMS feature uses multiple components or threads, and every component or thread has its own log. When you try to determine the source of a problem you must look at multiple logs to get a complete picture. 

CyberCreek's Grep 98 allows an SMS admin to simultaneously search through all client or server logs. It has a clean, intuitive interface. This type of tool is invaluable in the troubleshooting process. The cost is a mere $25. It is easiest to contact this company via email,, or phone, 919.957.7279. They offer a trial version. It hooked me.

Here are a few directions and screen shots to get you up and going:


On the Main tab, input your search string. Then Select Open and browse to the log files you want to search.


Take a look at the File List tab to be sure all your files are loaded. 


Select the Search button, select the Output List tab to look at the results.