Pushing Software to Win 9x clients during off hours

Pushing Software to Win 9x clients during off hours

April 28, 2000

by Dana Daugherty

Great news! There is a secure way to push software to Win 9x clients after hours with a low cost third party software product. In my article I'll show case this product. This product is a must have for Admins with a Win 9x clients. 

My company uses a product called Screen Pass from a company named Birch Grove Technologies. This product integrates NT (and other NOS) network security with a locking screen saver application for Win 9x clients. When installed this product acts much like the NT Workstation locking screen saver technology. When activated a user must enter the network password for the user currently logged on or enter an NT Admin Group account and password to get into the system. The product is quite secure. 

Screen Pass is available for NT and 2000 clients also. I don't have experience with either of these though. 

The software allows you to give the end user the ability to change the screen saver or you can make the selection and lock it down.

This is great news! SMS Admins who want to take advantage of pushing software during off business hours to Win 9x clients can do so. I have successfully pushed software to all my clients while Screen Pass was activated. It's been a great time savings for my company.

Here is the Product web site http://www.bgrove.com/spdd.htm pricing is available on this page as well.