Quick SMS Reporting

Quick SMS Reporting

March 6, 2000

Use the power of SMS queries to drive your reports. For those of you that have not discovered the Excel (SMSext~1.xlt) template located in the SMS Back Office Resource Kit this one's for you.

This template is simple to use and quite flexible. Simply open it, tell it what Site system to connect to. Enter your NT network user name and password. Then select the SMS query that you want to turn into a report. Ta Da! Your result is an Excel spreadsheet with the info that you requested.

One more tip (this one is free). You can copy a column of names from the spread sheet and paste it into the to line of an email. This is quite useful for my situation. All my workstation computer names correspond with the users name (last name first). All my Exchange mailboxes correspond the users name as well (last name first as well). I create a query based on all computers that have a certain illegal software installed. I open the excel template and select this query. It gives me an Excel spread sheet. I copy the names column and paste it into the to line on a mail and tell them to remove the software. All done in about 10 minutes. You can use your imagination to put this tool to work for you.

This template is located on the SMS Back Office Resource Kit 4.4 in the SMS\Report\ directory named SMSext~1.xlt.

Dana Daugherty, MCSE