UTS Global Announces Distributed Tape Subsystem

UTS Global Announces Distributed Tape Subsystem

October 9, 2002

UTS Global, LLC, a provider of Unix and Linux mainframe operating environments, announced Distributed Tape Subsystem (TSS-DTS), the newest component of its recently released Tape Services Suite for Linux.

Using the tape and data management tools of the Tape Services Suite, TSS-DTS seeks to enable mainframe Linux systems to share tapes among mainframes and distributed and desktop systems.

The company says that without administrator involvement, TSS-DTS enables users to share a pool of mainframe tape drives among LPARS running Linux/390, Virtual Machines running Linux/390, x86 systems running Linux and Sun Microsystems systems running Solaris.

"Using the Distributed Tape component of our Tape Services Suite means that you can easily share your tape drives among all your virtual Linux systems," explained Douglas DeMers, Linux Product Manager for UTS Global.

TSS-DTS provides a user interface to the remote tape drives that makes them appear as if they are local. It also manages access and scheduling of the drives.

When combined with the Tape Silo Feature (TSS-TSF), an optional component of the Tape Services Suite, TSS-DTS may facilitate access of tapes stored in StorageTek tape silos from any supported client system.

A trial version of TSS-DTS is currently available for download from the UTS Global Web site. All components of the Tape Services Suite are supplied in standard binary RPM format.