Mirapoint Announces Calendaring, POP Mail Retrieval Functionality

Mirapoint Announces Calendaring, POP Mail Retrieval Functionality

October 1, 2002

Mirapoint Tuesday announced two capabilities recently added to Mirapoint Messaging Server.

Group calendaring and Getmail are both fully integrated with the Mirapoint platform and offer unified administration and logging. Class-of-service controls to enable each product on a per-domain or per-user basis are available.

Like other features found in Mirapoint's offerings, group calendaring and POP mail retrieval are accessible via any wireless or Web device.

Mirapoint's calendar feature offers personal and group calendaring to enable users to collaborate to manage appointments, events, and resources. The calendar supports Internet standards and provides separate views for a variety of scheduling formats. It can be provisioned to view and subscribe to other users' calendars. The group calendar service can be configured to automatically send meetings, identify conflicts in meeting times or resource availability, and assign permissions for calendar access.

The product has the capacity to scale up to millions of users, Larry Herman, product line manager, told ServerWatch.

The calendar uses the same adminsitrative interface and tools as the other components of the Mirapoint offering under a single sign-on, while allowing for branding and customization. Herman noted that this feature would be of particular benefit to service providers.

The group calendaring requires Mirapoint Messaging Operating System 3.2 software, and carries a licensing fee of $4 to $5 per user. Volume discounts are available.

Getmail uses the POP protocol to retrieve messages from external mail servers (e.g., Yahoo! and Hotmail) and centralizes all messaging information in a single, unified inbox. Messages from multiple accounts can be consolidated into one unified account then automatically filtered and stored in assigned folders on a schedule set by the user. Up to 10 POP accounts can be color coded according to the external message server from which they were retrieved.

Getmail is included in the Mirapoint Messaging Operating System 3.2 release and is a standard feature of Webmail. Customers that have already purchased v3.2 can obtain Getmail at no charge.