Digital Fountain Releases Version 2.0 of Its FTP Alternative

Digital Fountain Releases Version 2.0 of Its FTP Alternative

September 30, 2002

Digital Fountain Monday unveiled version 2.0 of its flagship data transfer product, Transporter Fountain.

Transporter Fountain is a combination hardware and software offering designed to provide speed and security in ways FTP servers do not. It features sender and receiver components>: The sender is a 1U or 2U rack-mounted appliance (available in three different models) and the receiver is a 1 MB software application that runs on Windows, Solaris, or Linux.

Transporter Fountain is compatible with any network attached storage device and network. It can follow a push (i.e., source-initiated), pull (i.e., destination initiated), or point-to-point and point-to-multipoint model.

Unlike FTP servers, which transfer each file in a single packet, Transporter Fountain sends data using Digital Fountain's patented "Meta-Content" technology. Meta-Content transforms data into a series of mathematical equations, which means data packets do not need to be received in any particularly order to ensure delivery of an exact bit-for-bit copy of the original data.

In addition, unlike in FTP transfers, increased bandwidth improves Transporter Fountain's throughput rate and can mitigate the impact of distance between points of transfer and receipt.

This has resulted in 3 to 30 times faster throughput in Transporter Fountain v2.0.

In addition, v2.0 of Transporter Fountain has no size constraints for files, and has already demonstrated itself capable of transferring terabyte-size files, Charlie Oppenheimer, vice president of business development and marketing told ServerWatch.

Digital Foundation is positioning Transporter Fountain as an ideal solution for enterprises that have a large amount of data to deliver, that need to deliver data globally, or that require the fastest possible delivery over congested or unreliable networks.

According to the vendor, Transporter Fountain is currently used by businesses for a variety of mission-critical applications, including business-continuity planning, collaborative engineering, retail data distribution, and media production and distribution.

Current customers include 7-Eleven, ChevronTexaco, Cisco Systems, Mitsubishi Corp., NEC, PeopleSoft, Sony, Sprint, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Key new features in Transporter Fountain 2.0 are:

Fountain Pool: The capability to combine at least two Transporter Fountain senders to simultaneously deliver data to an individual receiver for dynamic and instantaneous redundancy

Pipeline: A feature that enables Transporter Fountain to encode, deliver, and decode data in parallel (without having to manually break it up into smaller pieces or interrupt the transfer), resulting in up to a 50-percent speed improvement over previous versions of the product

Tunable Rate Control: The system administrator can determine how Transporter Fountain shares bandwidth with other applications by designating its level of priority to allow large data transfers to occur without impacting other WAN traffic

Other new features are bandwidth caps and delivery confirmation. Bandwidth caps allow users to set the maximum bandwidth used by the Transporter Fountain on the network, and delivery confirmation notifies the sender, via a graphical user interface or e-mail, when a transfer is completed.

Transporter Fountain is available for immediate purchase. Pricing for a typical configuration (up to two senders and six to 12 receivers) ranges from $35,000 to $100,000 Oppenheimer said.