Sun Announces iForce Perimeter Security Solution

Sun Announces iForce Perimeter Security Solution

September 23, 2002

Sun Microsystems announced its new iForce Perimeter Security solution, an Internet security solution designed to help enterprises and service providers detect, prevent, and respond quickly to security threats, such as the spread of viruses or worms and attacks from hackers as well as a variety of malicious system and network-level attacks.

The iForce Perimeter Security solution is an open, integrated security solution that combines software from Sun and six other IP security vendors, including two new partner solutions from e-Security and Sanctum.

According to the company, the integrated approach of the iForce Perimeter Security solution offers a ready-to-deploy solution which provides enterprises and service providers with the flexibility to choose the elements required to enhance their specific Internet security needs, including a hardened operating environment, VPN, network firewall, Web application firewall, integrity assurance, virus detection, intrusion detection and decoy system, to security at the applications level. The solution should also deliver a consolidated single management console that helps provide a global view of all elements in the security system to recognize and respond to attacks quickly.

By combining seven essential components, this single, integrated defense system seeks to allow companies to deploy a multilayer Internet security solution to protect vital business information and networks:

  • Application Security: Sanctum's Web application firewall, AppShield, should provide automatic protection to prevent attacks on web applications. AppShield is designed to enforce the site's Web and business logic to maintain valid application behavior and help increase the speed and ease of application deployment in a secure environment.
  • Security Event Management: e-Security's e-Sentinel and e-Wizard provides the monitoring, correlation and reporting of security events detected by the iForce Perimeter Security solution from one control center, in real time.
  • VPN/Firewall: Check Point Software Technologies VPN-1/FireWall-1 protects the privacy of business communications over the Internet while securing critical network resources against unauthorized access.
  • Virus Detection: Trend Micro's InterScan VirusWall is an Internet gateway that scans e-mail, Web traffic and file transfers in real time to protect against viruses and other malicious code.
  • Integrity Assurance: Tripwire for Network Devices ensures the integrity of data for a secure network infrastructure foundation. Tripwire's software detects any changes and provides details so damage assessment and recovery can happen quickly.
  • Intrusion Detection/Honeypot System: Symantec's ManHunt monitors, analyzes and responds with countermeasures against unauthorized access in real time. It claims to provide an advanced warning system to identify, contain, control, and monitor known and unknown internal and external security threats.
  • Hardened Operating Environment: Sun's Solaris Security Toolkit, a flexible and extensible mechanism to minimize, harden and secure Solaris Operating Environment, running on Sun's rack-optimized entry level servers, provides a scalable, reliable network infrastructure.