Citrix Introduces Citrix Secure Gateway

Citrix Introduces Citrix Secure Gateway

September 19, 2002

Citrix Systems, a provider of virtual workplace software and services, announced the availability of Citrix Secure Gateway (CSG) with support for the Solaris Operating Environment. CSG is designed to work seamlessly with Solaris on the SPARC platform to extend secure, simple application access to remote employees, customers and suppliers regardless of location, device or network connection.

Addressing growing concerns about data security, CSG may provide companies with secure, Internet-based access to vital applications in a way that is simple and transparent to the end user. The addition of support for Solaris OE should allow Citrix MetaFrame customers to host CSG on the Sun platform to help ensure the security of MetaFrame traffic at the demilitarized zone (DMZ), which sits between the Internet and a corporation's internal network, through encryption and authentication.

A component of MetaFrame application serving software, CSG helps secure MetaFrame traffic traveling across the network via the industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption protocol. CSG offers authentication through integration with NFuse Classic application portal software.

"Many Citrix customers require a Solaris platform outside their internal network to secure their MetaFrame-based application access," said Russ Naples, Citrix's vice president and general manager of the client-server business unit. "With CSG for Solaris, we're strengthening our commitment to providing customers with solutions for simplifying and securing application deployment over the Internet, resulting in lower costs, greater geographic reach and faster implementation speed."

"The uncertainty of today's environment and the movement toward a Web-centric world necessitates that every organization must focus on ensuring that their applications and information be subject to heightened levels of security," said Tony Lock, senior analyst for Bloor Research. "By delivering CSG for Solaris OE, Citrix is adding significant value to its security offering while reinforcing its commitment to support its customers no matter which platform they use."