New I/A Series System Platform

New I/A Series System Platform

September 10, 2002

Foxboro, a unit of Invensys Production Management, introduced I/A Series A2 ("A Squared") systems at the 2002 Invensys Showcase Conference and EXPO. According to the company, its I/A Series A2 systems represent major extensions to the I/A Series platform, a proven, reliable, and extensible open industrial automation system platform. The company says that thousands of I/A Series systems are currently installed in plants around the world, controlling a broad range of industrial processes.

"The A2 designation indicates that these new I/A Series systems feature Architecture by ArchestrA," said Steve Young, vice president and general manager of the I/A Series system platform. "As a result, I/A Series A2 system users will be able to take advantage of the latest ArchestrA software applications from across Invensys and from third parties to further improve plant business performance, while reducing application development, integration, and software maintenance costs."

Other significant elements of the initial I/A Series A2 system release include new operating systems, new workstation and control software, new workstation platforms, plus new, high-speed communications. These should allow I/A Series system users to leverage the latest high-performance commercial technologies within a highly secure, deterministic, and reliable industrial automation system architecture.

Initial I/A Series A2 platform extensions include:

New, high-performance Solaris 8 and Windows XP (Unix) workstations that can be mixed and matched without restrictions on the same control network. These workstations may provide significantly increased capability over previous I/A Series workstations at the same, or lower, cost to further improve the price-to-performance ratio

A new Nodebus to Control Network Interface (NCNI) for extending existing 10 Megabit I/A Series fault-tolerant control networks ("Nodebus") with 1 Gigabit Switched Ethernet technology utilizing all-fiber-optic network media (copper options available). This may provide a safe, reliable, and high-bandwidth network infrastructure

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