Connectix Releases New Virtualization Software

Connectix Releases New Virtualization Software

August 8, 2002

Connectix this week released version 5 of Virtual PC for Windows, the company's flagship offering that enables users to run multiple PC-based operating systems and applications on one workstation.

Virtual PC for Windows enables the user to create separate virtual machines on top of a Windows desktop. He or she can install any PC-based operating system, including OS/2, Linux, Solaris, NetWare, or other versions of Windows. Each of these virtual machines emulates a complete hardware system (from processor to network card) in a self-contained, isolated software environment, thus enabling the simultaneous operation of otherwise incompatible systems.

Connectix cites several scenarios ideal Virtual PC for Windows, such as: system administrators upgrading to a new operating system who must continue to run incompatible legacy applications; software development and Q/A engineers testing, documenting and debugging software, on one computer; technical support groups assisting customers running applications in a variety of operating environments on a single computer; and trainers and educators who must use the same PC lab and desktop computers to offer classes that require different operating systems.

Version 5 of Virtual PC for Windows offers:

  • Substantial improvements in performance and speed
  • CPU Resource control feature that allows user command of CPU usage
  • ACPI support
  • Increased RAM Support that allows the user to assign up to 1 GB RAM per virtual machine
  • Enhanced support for IBM OS/2

Virtual PC for Windows 5.0 hits the streets with a list price of $229 and is shipping immediately. The product will be available worldwide through international distributors in September 2002.

A free 45-day trial of the full version is available for download from the Connectix's Web site.

Founded 12 years ago, Connectix boasts of more than one million customers. Privately held, Connectix has been profitable for the past nine years. It's initial product was Virtual PC for the Mac.