Sybase Brings J2EE 1.3 Compatibility to EAServer 4.1

Sybase Brings J2EE 1.3 Compatibility to EAServer 4.1

August 7, 2002

Sybase this week unveiled what it claims to be the first major production-ready application server with J2EE 1.3 compatibility and support for secure Web services.

Sybase describes version 4.1 of Sybase EAServer for AIX and HP-UX as an open application server designed to power e-business applications by providing uncompromising performance and secure enterprise Web services in a vendor-neutral development and deployment environment.

"With the release of EAServer 4.1 for the AIX and HP-UX development platforms, customers working in mixed computing environments can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in deployment costs, as the openness of this application server allows them to deploy best-of-breed technology and leverage their existing infrastructure," said Billy Ho, senior vice president and general manager of Sybase's e-Business Division.

Sybase sees this latest release as affirmation of its support for key J2EE technologies.

By taking advantage of the server's "Write Once, Run Anywhere" portability, enterprises can leverage these new applications and services into an environment that supports J2EE. EAServer 4.1 also offers a security model that enables customers to deliver secure enterprise Web services, including single sign-on, role-based access control, and secure business objects (SBO).

EAServer 4.1 comes with a Web Services Toolkit (that includes SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL) and Message Bridge for Java. Message Bridge for Java jump-starts development with a "no-code" XML-Java solution, thus enabling developers to focus on business logic in Java. Web Services Toolkit provides developers with the capability to leverage business logic in Java as a Web service.

In addition, EAServer 4.1 provides support for leading development languages, components, and technologies.

EAServer can run business components written in Java, C/C++, COM, and PowerBuilder, and it supports the leading Java development environments including: Borland JBuilder, CocoBase Enterprise O/R, GNU EMACS, Sybase PowerBuilder, PowerDesigner and PowerJ, as well as Together Control Center, and WebGain VisualCafe.

Sybase EAServer is available immediately. The Developer Edition is available for free download via the Web at

Pricing information for EAServer Deployment Edition must be obtained through Sybase.