Survey Shows Apache Is Developers' Choice

Survey Shows Apache Is Developers' Choice

July 29, 2002

Latest results from the Netcraft Web Server Survey, a survey of Web Server software usage on Internet connected computers, indicates that Apache remains popular with developers. Netcraft collected and collated as many hostnames that provided an http service as it could find and systematically polled each one with an HTTP request for the server name. In the July 2002 survey, the company received responses from 37,235,470 sites.

For July 2002:

Top Developers

Developer Jun-02 Percent Jul-02 Percent Change
Apache     23154909 59.67 21453498 57.62 -2.05
Microsoft  11239613 28.96 11866718 31.87 2.91
Zeus         799173 2.06 787071 2.11 0.05
iPlanet      687004 1.77 494567 1.33 -0.44

Active Sites

Developer Jun-02 Percent Jul-02 Percent Change
Apache     10964734 64.42 10811987 65.21 0.79
Microsoft   4243719 24.93 4176048 25.19 0.26
IPlanet      281681 1.66 214063 1.29 -0.37
Zeus         227857 1.34 183921 1.11 -0.23
The survey concluded that the acceptance of Apache/2.0 has been small. According to Netcraft, Apache/2.0, officially released at the start of April, has largely been ignored to date, with fewer than 50,000 sites switching to the Apache/2.0 series. For comparison, well over 10 million sites are now running Apache/1.3.26, released a month ago in response to the chunked encoding remote vulnerability. One reason for the limited deployment of Apache/2.0 may be the lack of support for some of the more popular modules when the server was first released, together with the absence of any compulsive new features that people immediately want. Netcraft also commented on the recent dealings with Covalent and Apache. Covalent announced support for ASP.Net through Apache/2.0 running on Windows. Presently, the number of deployed sites running Apache on Windows is very small, and one would expect that most people wanting to write .Net applications will use Microsoft-IIS as a web server, but Covalent may be hoping that the long running security concerns about Microsoft-IIS may stimulate demand. However, replacing Microsoft-IIS is something that people have tended to talk about in the wake of remote exploits and worms, rather than actually implement, and Microsoft-IIS share has been able to withstand competitor offers and recommendations from the likes of Gartner quite robustly. Netcraft performs commercial internet research projects. Survey results may also be viewed at