Vermillion FTP Daemon -- A high-performance FTP server for Windows 95/98/NT

Vermillion FTP Daemon -- A high-performance FTP server for Windows 95/98/NT

December 7, 1999

FTP servers all perform primarily the same functions, so an FTP server that is easy to set up and at the same time provides extensive feedback on performance is what most users need to look for when shopping for an FTP server. This combination can be found in Vermillion FTP Daemon, one of the best FTP servers on the market.

If you've ever run an FTP server on a UNIX system, you know that they can tend to the obscure in terms of usability and features. Vermillion and other Windows-based FTP servers counter this with attractive interfaces that allow you to get up and running quickly with the servers. The better Windows-based FTP daemons also provide advanced security and oversight features when administering the server.

Most sites will be able to effectively use Vermillion FTP Daemon immediately after installation thanks to the intuitive and sensible default settings. If you do need to customize your configuration, you can access templates for imposing distinct permissions for different groups of users. These permissions can also be adjusted according to the time of the day; for instance, you may want to limit the times when guests can access a system during business hours, when you want to maximize connections for registered users, or when performing system backups.

Vermillion FTP Daemon will allow you to keep tabs on who is currently logged on to the server and will report on what they are doing. The tracking features also allow you to examine, edit, and/or disconnect individual clients in real time. In addition, an activity log provides you with oversight of recent actions. If the system is running low on disk space, uploads can be automatically disabled.

As far as providing the core FTP services, Vermillion FTP Daemon features a complete and accurate implementation of the FTP protocol (RFC959 and RFC1123). Users will also appreciate Vermillion's support of resuming of interrupted transfers (uploads and downloads). You can also rename directories to hide the actual names of your directories or implement UNIX-style symbolic links. Limiting user access is made possible by the ability to allow multiple client access to single files (read-only) while at the same time imposing upload/download transfer ratios (per-file or per-byte).

Security tools include separately configurable on-screen and file logging, remote IP address checking for users and/or templates, file-security settings for users and/or templates, a "Virtual Root Directory" feature that automatically hides your directory structure, and the ability to disable FTP features that may be dangerous on your network (such as third-party transfers). In addition, you can tell Vermillion FTP Daemon to pass along minimal information in response to failed login, which hides sensitive account information.

Vermillion FTP Daemon is a high-performance and relatively inexpensive FTP server, worthy of your prime consideration when you're shopping for a new FTP server. Its only real shortcoming is that at $89 per license (discounts are available when ordering five or more licenses), Vermillion has a tough time competing with the freeware champ of FTP servers, War FTP Daemon.

Pros: Easy to configure, intuitive interface, flexible logging, inexpensive, advanced security control
Cons: War FTP Daemon is less expensive (free) and offers more advanced features
New: Upload/download transfer ratios, Auto-resume feature, traybar icon;

New in v1.23: Redesigned symbolic link support, support for renaming directories, ability to run as a system service, various bug fixes Upgrade Meter: 4 Version Reviewed: 1.23
Reviewed by: Kevin Reichard
Last Updated: 12/7/99
Date of Original Review: 6/9/98