mod_log_mysql 1.15 released

mod_log_mysql 1.15 released

May 13, 2002

[ Thanks to Chris Powell for this link. ]

mod_log_mysql enables logging to a MySQL database. Designed with high-availability webserver clusters in mind, this module permits you to have a truly scalable front-end architecture without sacrificing performance. It is stable, production-ready, and known to work with sites supporting millions of hits per day.

Version 1.15 incorporates further improvements to the code, including an 'offline' capability whereby log entries are written to a local file if the backend database is down for any reason. Database downtime, therefore, will not result in lost log entries -- they can be imported easily at any later time. This version also improves error condition reporting and a better connection-retry mechanism.

Please visit to learn more or to download the newest version.