VShell v1.2 Goes Official

VShell v1.2 Goes Official

October 19, 2001

VanDyke Software Thursday concluded its six-week beta cycle for VShell v1.2 with the official release of the Windows NT telnet server.

The new release offers X.509 certificate support and other enhancements to improve the security and management of public keys.

Among the new features in v1.2 is the capability to use smart cards and other physical security devices for secure two-factor public-key authentication with VShell's file-based X.509 certificate support. Two-factor authentication requires both a physical device and a password or phrase to gain access to network resources.

"The immediate value of X.509 certificate support is to expand authentication options," said Jeff Van Dyke, president of VanDyke Software, "X.509 is a building block for large-scale network security, and is an important first step in our development of a public-key infrastructure for Secure Shell."

VShell's public key-only authentication enables administrators to automate critical business tasks securely and provides the option to simplify user log-on to secure access, data tunneling, and secure file transfer services. VShell v1.2 also supports the OpenSSH public-key format used in the open-source Secure Shell server.

A detailed list of the changes and bug fixes in v1.2 are available in the VShell v1.2 Release Notes.

VShell was initially released in December 2000. It was the first commercial SSH2 server for Microsoft Windows NT and 2000 to ship.

The telnet server comes in three license configurations: VShell Personal for $249, VShell Workgroup for $399, and VShell Enterprise for $799.

A free, 30-day, fully functional evaluation copy of VShell v1.2 is available for download from VanDyke's site at http://www.vandyke.com/download/vshell/index.html.