Vircom Releases New Mail Server Product

Vircom Releases New Mail Server Product

October 11, 2001

Vircom Inc., this week announced a new, more secure mail server to join VOPRadius and VOPMail.

VOP modusMail, scheduled to start shipping next month, will combine Vircom's mail server technology with Sieve-based, anti-spam filtering and an anti-virus engine.

Vircom will also offer enterprises that deploy VOP modusMail a managed solution that enables them to obtain 24/7 automatic filter updates and anti-virus definitions.

Vircom is marketing VOP modusMail to ISPs, ASPs, and corporate customers. With this latest offering, Vircom hopes to meet enterprises' needs for "a more avant-garde, all-in-one security mail server solution" despite being faced with increasing mail traffic in an increasingly open environment of mailing lists and unsolicited e-mail, a statement released by the company said.

To accomplish this, VOP modusMail uses Sieve, a standard Internet filtering language that can be used to construct powerful message filters to stop spam and viruses. Vircom has also partnered with Norman Data Defense to develop VOP modusMail's built-in anti-virus engine.

"The partnership between Vircom and Norman Data Defense was a natural fit," said Sylvain Durocher, president of Vircom.

"Norman's state-of-the-art anti-virus engine complements Vircom's mail server technology, enabling service providers to offer their customers a peace of mind with the best mail defense system on the market today," Durocher added.

VOP modusMail will be available in a variety of licenses. Vircom recommends contacting the company directly for pricing information.

For enterprises making the jump to VOP modusMail, Vircom offers VOP Migration Service, a service for ISPs and ASPs looking to migrate their current mail server to any of Vircom's mail server solutions.