VShell Strengthens Its Shell With Latest Beta Version

VShell Strengthens Its Shell With Latest Beta Version

September 6, 2001

Security and access software vendor Van Dyke Technologies, Inc., Wednesday released the first public beta version of VShell v1.2, its secure access Telnet server for Microsoft Windows NT.

The final release of VShell v1.2 is currently scheduled for October.

VShell v1.2 offers new authentication features to enhance security, automation, and interoperability to enable network and system administrators to automate routine tasks and support heterogeneous networks.

VShell is the first Windows-based server to offer public key-only authentication using the Secure Shell 2 protocol. Secure Shell 2 allows administrators to automate unattended file transfers and batch jobs securely, while public key-only offers enterprises a way to create a cross-platform file-sharing infrastructure for customers and partners, and provides the option to streamline the log-on process.

VShell v1.2 also offers native support for the OpenSSH public key format, eliminating the need for enterprises to maintain two sets of keys.

"Public key-only authentication and X.509 certificate support provide corporate IS departments with new ways to implement security throughout their organizations," said Jeff P. Van Dyke, president of Van Dyke Technologies in a prepared statement.

"This authentication method allows automation of business-to-business operations and makes user logon simpler. Support for X.509 file-based certificates allows SSH connections to use smart card and token solutions," Van Dyke added.

Three versions of VShell are currently sold: VShell Personal for $249, VShell Workgroup for $399, and VShell Enterprise for $799. A free 30-day evaluation copy of VShell v1.2 Beta 1 is currently available for download on the site.