FIBREcalc+ testing software for Solaris-based strorage networks released by Shugart Technology

FIBREcalc+ testing software for Solaris-based strorage networks released by Shugart Technology

April 9, 2001

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PRESS RELEASE -- Shugart Technology, a provider of premier software tools that simplify and automate storage device testing, today announced the release of FIBREcalc+, its application for the testing and analysis of Solaris-based Fibre Channel storage sytems. FIBREcalc+ directly addresses the shortcomings and limitations of current testing applications by automating and simplifying routine test procedures. Compared to traditional test methods, FIBREcalc+ saves time, eliminates many common mistakes, and yields more consistent results, allowing users to concentrate on prevention, evaluation and analysis. FIBREcalc+ has been demonstrated to be a quicker and simpler method for testing and analysis of SCSI-based storage devices since its initial release last year.

"Even though Solaris-based Fibre Channel storage systems have a relatively long history and are very widely installed, the available diagnostic tools remain complicated and difficult to use. Shugart Technology's testing applications greatly simplify the life of users by streamlining routine testing and analysis," said Ed Barnes, CTO of STI. "At the same time, we are providing advanced features for the most demanding technical users."

Maintaining and managing Solaris-based storage systems continues to be a significant challenge because, until now, the available test and analysis tools were developed for the Windows NT environment and have not been optimized for Solaris-based systems. FIBREcalc+, which is completely platform-independent, is ideal for Solaris systems. In addition to working across multiple operating systems, FIBREcalc+ applies equally to the testing of disk, tape, and automated data storage library devices from a variety of manufacturers. FIBREcalc+ performs product development testing, production testing, field service troubleshooting and fault isolation, as well as end user product compliance testing. A few of the specific test uses include design verification, functional, performance, stress, and data integrity testing.

"Solaris-based storage networks are often used for critical applications such as Internet commerce, where system redundancy and 24/7 availability are crucial," continued Ed. "FIBREcalc+ is especially relevant to these markets because it simplifies and speeds maintenance and troubleshooting, and doesn't require the user to be a technical expert."

FIBREcalc+ automates the most commonly applied protocols and test methods while also facilitating quick and easy custom test development, using an intuitive, simple-to-use, calculator-type interface. Parameter logging and a variety of other time consuming tasks are also automated with results reported in an easy-to-understand format. FIBREcalc+ is powerful enough for the test lab, but its simplicity and ease of use makes it an ideal tool for field service technicians, eliminating the need for extensive training and supervision.

FIBREcalc+ also features advanced capabilities for the more technical user. Scripts - C-based programs for user-specific tests - can readily be created directly in FIBREcalc+ or with any text editor. Scripts can be run using the calculator-like interface or directly from a command line prompt, either locally or remotely. Furthermore, FIBREcalc+ allows multithreaded scripting, whereby a user can run multiple scripts simultaneously. This is useful for testing RAID or tape library devices, and for performing stress or load testing.