Sun to Co-Market SecureWorks' iSensor

Sun to Co-Market SecureWorks' iSensor

April 5, 2001

SecureWorks, which makes intrusion detection services with real-time monitoring and response, has struck a deal with Sun Microsystems, Inc. to co-market the Atlanta-based SecureWorks' iSensor intrusion detection appliance. iSensor is a Linux-based appliance which monitors network traffic and responds to potential threats.

Additionally, Sun's reseller and Internet service provider (ISP) partners will be able to offer managed intrusion detection services to their customers. SecureWorks will offer its iSensor security technology as a dedicated appliance available exclusively on the Sun Cobalt RaQ server platform.

"Our relationship with SecureWorks enables ISPs and resellers to benefit from a 24/7 real-time intrusion detection service," said Stephen DeWitt, vice president and general manager of the Sun Cobalt Server Appliance Division. "An ISP, for example, can provide additional security to its own networks or can generate recurring revenue from its customer base with managed IDS services."

Added Robert Minkhorst, president and chief executive officer of SecureWorks, "Together, we see the huge potential of intrusion detection services as a value-added offering for ISPs and managed hosting partners. This offering makes critical security services available to ISPs and managed hosting providers, and allows us to partner with the industry leader in server appliances so we can focus on our core expertise -- real-time Internet intrusion prevention."