Apache 1.3.19 Released

Apache 1.3.19 Released

March 1, 2001

[ Thanks to sean for this link. ]

"The Apache Group is pleased to announce the release of the 1.3.19 version of the Apache HTTP server. This release is primarily a security fix release, addressing a problem which could lead to a directory listing being displayed in place of an error message. Also, it fixes some broken functionality present in the 1.3.17 release and various Win32 issues. Apache 1.3.19 is the best version of Apache currently available; everyone running 1.2.X servers or earlier are strongly urged to upgrade to 1.3, as there will not be any further 1.2.X releases. At present, the Win32 port of Apache is not as stable as the UNIX version."

From the changelog:

Changes with Apache 1.3.19

  *) Rewrite ap_unparse_uri_components() to make it safer and more readable
     ["Jeffrey W. Baker" ]

  *) Under certain circumstances, Apache did not supply the
     right response headers when requiring authentication.
     [Gertjan van Wingerde ] PR#7114

  *) Clean up some end-of-loop not reached warnings [Jim Jagielski,
     Aris Stathakis ]

  *) Add the correct language tag for interoperation with the Taiwanese
     versions of MSIE and Netscape. [Clive Lin ] PR#7142

  *) Fixed system shutdown on Windows 2000 to assure that the modules have
     an opportunity to clean up.  Note there is a _very_ limited amount of
     time in which to execute all cleanups [see MSKB Q146092] so all of
     the modules may still not be given an opportunity to complete their
     cleanups if they require more than 20 seconds total.  [William Rowe]

(Note: Apache 1.3.18 appears in the changelog but was never officially released for general usage.)