HELIOS PDF Handshake 2.0 offers Internet Printing via Apache

HELIOS PDF Handshake 2.0 offers Internet Printing via Apache

January 15, 2001

Businesswire -- HELIOS Software GmbH, a provider of network and prepress software, announced the availability of remote Internet Printing, a new feature of HELIOS PDF Handshake 2.0 now shipping on HELIOS distribution CD016.

PDF Handshake is a server-based PDF workflow that provides a complete prepress solution for Adobe Portable Document Format files -- from layout to output -- including ColorSync/ICC-based integrated color management and flexible output options including remote printing over the Internet.

Print houses and copy shops alike can give customers a solution for remote delivery of their print jobs like color proofs, poster prints, forms or copy jobs. Print houses and copy shops are able to brand the interface with banners, logos, and advertisements as well as add custom order information, credit card, and legacy database connections. And, cost of entry is low, as an inexpensive PC-based Linux server running Apache and a 5-user EtherShare license and PDF Handshake are all that is required for a turnkey system that maximizes ROI (IP connection purchased separately).

PDF Handshake's innovative Internet Printing feature supports the remote delivery and printing of PDF documents over the Internet allowing simple transfers and printing over the Internet using any Web browser. A simple Web interface handles: user authorization, PDF job delivery, customizable print parameters, PDF pre-flight, remote notification, plus printing/archiving of PDF print jobs that can be used by any authorized Internet user.

User benefits
With PDF Internet Printing, users gain access to reliable, professional output of PDF documents. With PDF Handshake's built-in ColorSync/ICC-based color management, font management and transformation, users can benefit from professional, high-quality printing of PDF documents whether they are separations, composites or even proof simulations.

Test Drive HELIOS PDF Internet Printing
HELIOS has also configured a test server available on the Internet to allow anyone to send a PDF print job to this server. These print jobs get processed via a Print Preview queue (limit 3 pages) and you can download the PDF bitmap preview to see how it works. In a customer environment the PDF job would be saved into a directory or printed to an EtherShare queue.

The test URL is: http://www.helios.de/products/PDFH/PDF_Handshake-IP.htm.