eWeek: Solaris, Apache lead in Web server uptime

eWeek: Solaris, Apache lead in Web server uptime

November 29, 2000

"According to a recent study, the most stable Web server platform--by a wide margin--is a combination of Solaris and either Apache Group's Apache or Netscape Communications' Netscape Web Server."

"Web metrics company Netcraft used statistics from last month to rank Web sites according to how much time has passed since their last server reboot (planned or unplanned)."

"Among the 50 sites with the longest respites from reboots, consecutive uptime figures ranged from a maximum of 28 months to about 10 months. Thirty-two of the sites ranked in the top 50 run their Web servers on Solaris... Linux ranked second, serving as the operating system at seven of the top 50 sites. Four sites use BSD operating systems, three use Irix, and two use Windows. (Netcraft was

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