Setting Up an Internet Database: Preparations Setting Up an Internet Database: Preparations

June 8, 2000

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"In this article series, you will learn how the three (free) products Apache, PHP and MySQL can be used to connect a database to a web page. These popular technologies are used all over the web, for countless purposes. Maybe you need to store customer information for your company, or maybe you just want to collect e-mail addresses from your friends? Thing is, you can use this technique to store any kind of data. It's all up to your own imagination!"

"In this first article, we'll show you how the technique works, and then how to set up and make the necessary connections between the software components on your system. Also, please note that all the software installations in this article will be made from source. We do this to ensure the instructions apply to as many platforms as possible. If you prefer to install a binary package of one of the software components, and such package exists, please feel free to do so. However, keep in mind that compiling from source is not hard at all, and it ensures the binaries are compiled exactly as you want them."

"As stated, three components will be used to connect a database to a web page: Apache, PHP and MySQL. So, let's look at what role each component plays?"