BW: Keynote Announces Its Sites-of-the-Week for June

BW: Keynote Announces Its Sites-of-the-Week for June

June 5, 2000

"Anyone with a Web browser can view the measurements of the speed and reliability of the Site-of-the-Week in real time for the current week at and compare them to the industry-standard Keynote Business 40 Index."

"Keynote will also publish weekly several comparative performance graphs for each Site-of-the-Week on its Web site. Companies with e-commerce Web sites can also sign up for Keynote's free performance appraisal to compare the performance and availability of their own sites to the Site-of-the-Week."

"The Four Sites-of-the-Week for June are popular e-commerce sites that offer goods or services to consumers or businesses over the Internet. VeriSign is the leading provider of Internet trust services including authentication, validation and payment. Ventro builds and operates companies that transform the supply chain in businesses around the world. Veritas is the leading provider of enterprise-class application storage management software. Volkswagen is a large manufacturer of popular automobiles."

"Week: June 12 Company: Ventro Corporation Internet Address: Web-Site Software: Apache/1.3.9 on Sun Solaris Internet Access or Hosting: Exodus (Nasdaq:EXDS) at Santa Clara, CA."