PR: NuSphere to Contribute Row-Level Locking to MySQL Database

PR: NuSphere to Contribute Row-Level Locking to MySQL Database

October 30, 2000

BUSINESS WIRE -- NuSphere, provider of NuSphere MySQL, the leading packaged software product for the open source database marketplace, announced today that it is partnering with the MySQL open source database community to develop a row-level locking capability for the MySQL database. Code-named "Gemini," this project will be part of MySQL Version 4, targeted for release in the spring of 2001.

Gemini is an important contribution to MySQL because it will allow database programmers to use familiar database programming techniques to expand the business application possibilities of the open source database. With Gemini, MySQL will acquire a robust transactional storage engine that will provide row-level locking. MySQL is the number one open source database, embraced by developers for the speed with which it performs the authentication, authorization and personalization functions of Web applications. With Gemini, developers will also be able to build MySQL-based solutions that handle transaction-sensitive applications, including financial applications. In addition, the fine-grain locking will enable a higher level of concurrency, making it an option for enterprise-level deployments with high user counts.

"We are excited about the Gemini project on multiple levels," said D. Britton Johnston, chief technology officer at NuSphere. "It's an opportunity to participate in the evolution of MySQL, which has already proven to be a great open source alternative to traditional databases, and it's a way to support, and contribute to, the open source community."

NuSphere has also worked closely with the MySQL development community to make the more than 650 pages of documentation for MySQL available in print. The initial shipment of NuSphere MySQL contained the first-ever release of the MySQL Reference in printed form. NuSphere MySQL is a multi-platform, integrated distribution of Apache, Perl, PHP and MySQL. Designed for Linux, Unix, and Windows platforms, the packaged solution has been available since September of 2000 from NuSphere.

"We're convinced that NuSphere will play an important role in the future of MySQL," said Michael "Monty" Widenius, chief technology officer of MySQL AB. "Their contribution will provide an enhancement that is often requested, and much needed. Gemini is another example of NuSphere's commitment to MySQL and the entire open source community."

NuSphere, a Progress Software Company, provides enhanced open source software and commercial services for MySQL-powered Web sites and applications. NuSphere's products include NuSphere MySQL, an enhanced distribution of the most popular open source database, MySQL. NuSphere will provide commercial software services including technical support, consulting and training for MySQL.

NuSphere is a partner working with the primary MySQL developers to promote the development and deployment of MySQL around the world, and provides funding for development resources dedicated to expanding the capabilities of MySQL. NuSphere's partnership ensures that our customers have the best source for MySQL software and services. For more information, visit or call +1-781-280-4600.