Linux Java 2 port: JCK status Linux Java 2 port: JCK status

June 4, 2000

"This web page shows the current JCK passing status of the various ports of Java 2 (current version: JDK 1.2.2) to the various Linux platforms. The JCK (which is more formally known as the Java Compatibility Kit) is a comprehensive suite of over 17,000 tests of a Java implementation to verify that it faithfully implements the Java language and runtime system according to the published specifications...."

"Most people already know why, but in case you don't: the source licensing agreement that the Blackdown Team has with Sun says that we cannot do a final release of our ports without satisfying the Java compatibility requirements. The successful passing all of the JCK tests is one of those requirements."

"This web page contains the current status of passage of the JCK for the various Linux platforms that we're porting Java 2 to. Its intention is to provide more information about what's going on with the port, and to improve the signal-to-noise ratio on the java-linux mail alias by eliminating all of the 'I haven't read the mail archives to see that this question has been asked an answered 1000 times before, so I'll just ask: when will Linux Java 2 be ready?' kinds of questions."