PR: ORA releases Perl for Sys Admins

PR: ORA releases Perl for Sys Admins

July 26, 2000

Sebastopol, CA--Before Perl became the language fueling the Web, it was the favorite scripting language of system administrators. Perl is quick to program, easy to adapt, and relentlessly practical. Although Perl has become a diverse tool for countless tasks, such as CGI Programming and database programming, it remains the language of choice of system administrators everywhere. For those sys admins, O'Reilly has just released a new book, "Perl for System Administration."

"System administration is often a glue job; Perl is one of the best glue languages. Perl was being used for system administration well before the World Wide Web came along with its voracious need for glue mechanisms," says author David N. Blank-Edelman.

"Good system administration is hardly ever rote," explains Blank-Edelman, "especially in multi-platforms where the challenges come fast and furious. Like any other craft, there are better and worse ways to meet those challenges. I wrote this book for the people who face those challenges. Perl can help."

Assuming only a little familiarity with Perl, "Perl for System Administration" is aimed at all levels of administrators, from single-box Linux users to card-carrying SAGE members. While covering several different platforms (Unix, Windows NT, and MacOS), it also delves deeper to explore the pockets of administration where Perl can be most useful--including filesystem management, user administration, directory services, database administration, log files, and security and network monitoring. "Perl for System Administration" is for anyone who uses Perl for administrative tasks and needs to hit the ground running.

Chapter 9, Log Files, is available free online at:

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